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So, starting today (12-28-2008) I'll provide downloads from Doujinshi I scanned.
This means they are all japanese - and no, I don't translate them. (if you want to do it feel free to do so but inform me before)

For everything to go smoothly please mind the few rules listed here:

1. if you want to use any of the download links anywhere else, please let me know first – and don't forget to credit me because it was a lot of work for me
2. and I would like it, if you would leave a comment after you downloaded something
3. I usually use megaupload as a host and one mirror link: it's either rapidshare, filefactory or mediafire
4. if you need any mirror downloads other than I have here, look for it on Aarinfantasy because there are usually more links shared
5. have fun!


....sign of life....

Hi guys, I'm back (again).

Life recently just sucked. As usual a lot of work (my colleague got on early maternity leave and left me to do work for 2 ppl alone – sounds like fun, huh? But now I have someone helping me at least for half a day, it helps loads <3). Then I moved during the Christmas holidays and new year (which I needed to do but I couldn't get days off from work... It's really tiring to move most of your stuff during a few hours each evening after a day at work... and then the new apartment didn't have the electricity running because of non-payment from the former inhabitant... so the first few times we had to use flash lights to get my stuff inside... it was a funny experience though LOL The only thing still not working is my phone and internet connection since I work Monday to Friday lately and they don't have someone coming by Saturdays... but I hope things get going by next week since my working days go back to normal)

And during all that first my laptop and then my cellphone “died” >.< it wasn't anything to serious but since it did cost a lot of money to repair them and it took some time it wasn't funny either...

The last few months I also have been a very bad friend, having so little time I didn't keep contact to a lot of my friends (for example, I haven't been on facebook since early November... and since I use mostly facebook to stay on contact with them.... well, you can imagine the rest, ne?).

And I didn't even think about this years conventions and cosplays. Need to do that really soon since the first convention I want to go is already in May.

Well, I try to keep in contact this year around xD

It's been some time....

...and even though I really, really wanted to write more here, I just haven't got around to do it...
Mostly, because work as always was very stressful (we've got ppl on sick-leave, ppl who nearly spontaneously decided to stop working for us and ppl who wouldn't work overtime if we begged them on our hands and knees). Another fact was, that most of my time away from work I spend working on my Cosplay (for the AnimagiC which was at the end of July and very, very fun) and watching J-Drama (you just have to love those!!)
Anyway, I wanted to have a great comeback here and share some new doujinshi scans..... .... .... only to find out that my scanner isn't working anymore..... TxT  I don't know why!! And right now I don't have the money to have it looked at or to buy a new one (maybe if I found some on sale I would consider it)
I hope that at least by tomorrow I've finished a fanfiction I've started on thursday (I had to write it.... those plot-bunnys wouldn't leave me alone... and it's a oneshot only xD)

Christmas 2010

I hope you all had wonderfull and enjoyable holidays!
Mine were.... a little bit out-of-control.
I've visited my mom at christmas eve and my dad + brother wanted to come too - but because of heavy snowfall and streets that just weren't drivable they couldn't come - and I had to stay at my moms (since the buses and trains couldn't drive too). I hoped that it would be better on Saturday - but no such luck, I was still not able to leave. What bothered me the most was my sister. She just wouldn't shut up and I wanted to strangle her after just an hour. Since I live alone I'm not used to having someone constantly around me anymore.
And since they have a really slow internet-connection (and my brother was constantly using the computer) I was stuck with nothing to do but watching old movies (it was funny though, at least if my sister was quiet) - I forgot to bring my laptop along, I could have continued watching "D no Arashi" (only 5 episodes to go and I'm done with it - again xD  but there's no limit on how often you can watch cute spazzing guys *lol* AND I finally found decend files and subs so I'm replacing the old ones I got from a friend)
Sunday finally they've cleared the streets to some extend so my dad + brother came - and since it was my youngest brothers birthday even my aunt and uncle showed up.

Work's been pretty busy too the past few weeks/months. We're going to have a new computer programm and thus we've got several training courses followed by advanced training (in which I learnd that some ppl I work with are really stupid! Our old programm just had one window we could work with - meaning we could only do one thing at a time which was sometimes really a bother. The new programm is based on Windows, meaning we can open several windows at the same time which comes in handy. But some ppl are just plain stupid and didn't get the hang out of it - we've been to the training courses and later I showed them time and time again how to do it and they even got a nice manual to use and I got through the trouble and did a little step-by-step manual for the things they need mostly - but even now, a few days before the new year some still don't get it. Yesterday I just wanted to shout at her (yes, there's one person in particular that's so stupid) - it's so frustrating.)
The last few weeks we needed to do everything twice - in the old programm and in the new one. I'm happy it's going to be over soon and I was really surprised that I've got my vacation approved (I have one week vacation starting January 10th) even though my boss was worrying if everything would run smoothly  - which I can understand considering some ppls stupidness. But then again, I'm not getting paid to help the others all the time. I already work more than most of them and I'm still getting just the same amount as them at the end of the month >.<
And I need to cut down my overtime. I think I'll add 2-3 days after my vacation.... I'm thinking about going somewhere (I really want to go to London) but I don't want to go alone..... maybe I'll just do a short trip to Duesseldorf or Berlin... Ah, I still have some time to decide ^^  But I really need to get out of here for some time or I'll go crazy.

KAT-TUN drabble: Family (TaNaka)


Title: Family Thoughts
Pairing: TaNaka
Genre: Romance (?)
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Don't own them -.-
Summary: Do you need a summary for an drabble? It's to short to need a summary... besides the title says it all....
Comment: for aoi_tenshi05 's birthday. I wrote it just now so it's not proof-read so you have to deal with my grammar...^^



...on with the drabble...Collapse )


News & Download: PoT-Doujinshi

Hi there! It's been a while (again T_T)

Well, at January 16th adorable little Anica was born!! She's sooo sweet!!
My little godchild was born at 17:12 o'clock, 52 cm big with a weight of 3420g.
She caught a cold right away in the hospital but she's better now.

Anyway, here's a picture of her a day after her birth.Collapse )

The second good news: I found myself an apartment!!
Yes, I finally am able to move out and starting March 1st I'm going to live at my own place!!
The last weeks have thus been busy making lists of things I need to buy. I couldn't start moving my stuff yet because I just get the keys next Tuesday. My mom's got that day off from work to start help me moving a few things and I need to paint the walls (they are white right now but I want a little color). And I need to measure the rooms to look how much space I have for a bookshelf I intend to make (I need lots of space for my always growing manga-collection *g*)

So, because I'm late for my St. Valentines Day entry you get this as a little gift:

Prince of Tennis Doujinshi: Blossam 100%Collapse )

Fullmetal Alchemist Doujinshi

Titel: Perfect blue
Page: 49
Pairing: x Roy (Jean Havoc x Roy//Ed x Roy)
it contains nothing to graphic besides a few kisses

megaupload  /  mirror


Happy New Year!

Wish you all a Happy New Year!

Hope you had fun celebrating...
I didn't this year. In fact, I was so tired that I fell asleep while watching TV and woke up when the fireworks started -.-
Watched the fireworks, called my family - and went back to sleep.
Since I didn't get one full nights sleep for at least 5 weeks or so I really had a lot to catch up and I think my body kinda shot down; have been asleep for most today, too. (other than that I was watching Supernatural xD - even my Dad watched with me even though he thinks "this stuff is crazy and shouldn't been seen")

My New Year Resolutions (even though I know I suck at keeping them):
*working to finish all the fanfictions I'm working on for years! (besides my major writers block most of the time I'm to lazy to sit down an work on them seriously)
*going through all my sketches and throwing out those I know I'm never going to really work on (and thus cleaning out the huge piles of paper littering my room)
*staying more in touch with my friends (I know I'm bad at this; sometimes I don't leave a note for weeks and end up feeling really guilty)
*working at loosing the weight I gained during the last stressfull weeks
*working hard to finish this years cosplay way before time (other than last year when I didn't finish it right on time - that sucked!)
can't think of anything else.... but I guess that's enough to keep up with for the time being.

The Prince of Tennis Doujinshi

Titel: Cookie 2.5 hatsume
Circle/Artist: Cookie
Page: 25
Pairing: Tezuka x Fuji, Oishi x Kikumaru
Rating: PG

megaupload  /  mirror


Titel: Passionate
Circle/Artist: -
Page: 29
Pairing: Tezuka x Fuji, Oishi x Eiji
Rating: R

megaupload  /  mirror


Title: It can finght and andis? Live about what!
Circle/Artist: G-7
Page: 17
Rating: G

megaupload  /  mirror


Drabble: Digimon Frontier - In his sleep

I finally made up my mind and translated my Digimon Frontier Drabble!

Title: In his sleep
Series: Digimon Frontier
Rating: G
Pairing: light Koichi x Kouji
Disclaimer: I do not own the Digimon series or any of the characters. It's just for fun
Summary: a small view into a sleepless night; Koichis POV
Wordcount: 354


In his sleepCollapse )